Trump won’t deal with UK ambassador following memo leaks

US President Donald Trump said he would not deal with Britain's ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch after a leak of confidential memos in which the diplomat described the US president's administration dysfunctional, diplomatically clumsy, and inept.

Britain's ambassador to the US, however, has the full support of Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May, a spokesman at her office said in a statement to news outlets. May's spokesman said while Darroch's opinions did not reflect the view of the government or ministers, he said the diplomat had London's backing and ambassadors needed to have the confidence to give their frank assessments. He told reporters that it is a matter of regret that this has happened.

Ambassador Darroch reportedly said Trump's presidency could crash and burn and end in disgrace, in the cache of secret cables and briefing notes sent back to Britain seen by the Mail on Sunday. He reportedly mentioned the vicious infighting and chaos inside the White House which was widely reported in the US but dismissed by Trump as fake news.

Source: VOV5