UAE a top export market for VN’ agriculture

15:38 | 08/12/2014

VGP – In the 10 months leading up to November mutual trade between Viet Nam and the UAE was worth more than US$11 million, according to figures from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).

With excellent infrastructure, modern business practices and low barriers to market entry – by regional standards – the UAE is a promising market for Viet Nam. The country has emerged in recent years as one of the top markets for Viet Nam agriculture exports in the Middle East and North African region.

Another recent development that should help to spur increased trade and investment between the two nations has been the opening of direct air routes to Viet Nam by two UAE airlines, namely Emirates and Etihad.  

Viet Nam principally exports fresh fruit and vegetables to the UAE and has barely scratched the surface of the market’s full potential, according to the Africa, West Asia and South Asia Market Department under the MoIT .

The MoIT postulates the rapid growth of these products has resulted from the booming population and cultural changes resulting in an increased demand for fresh fruit and vegetables in the region.

Currently, the UAE imports from about 20 nations around the globe, principally apples, pears, and oranges from the US, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand and India./.-VOV