UK Prime Minister secures legally binding changes to Brexit deal with EU

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday that she has secured "legally binding" guarantees from the EU designed to get the Brexit deal through the British parliament and avert a chaotic withdrawal.

May said now is the time to come together, to back the improved Brexit deal, and deliver on the will of the British people.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on MPs to reject the deal, saying the prime minister's negotiations had failed and the announcements did not contain anything approaching the changes she had promised Parliament. Another defeat in parliament could see Britain sever ties with its closest trading partner on March 29 with no new arrangements, causing a considerable disruption on both sides of the Manche. It would also heighten the possibility of postponing Brexit, after May promised to allow MPs a vote later this week on whether to accept a "no deal" scenario or request a short delay from the EU.

Source: VOV5