UK reveals visa plan for EU migrants

British ministers will scrap plans for a lengthy period of continued free movement for EU citizens under a no-deal Brexit, Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Monday.

Britain would immediately impose a scheme demanding EU citizens obtain visas for new visits lasting longer than three months in the event of there being no negotiated departure and no transition period. Under a no-deal scenario, EU citizens arriving after March 29 will need to apply for a status known as European Temporary Leave to Remain if they wish to stay longer than three months. They will have to pay a fee to obtain the status � which will be valid for a maximum of three years � and pass identity, criminal and security checks. Mr Javid said the rules would end free movement between the UK and EU once and for all. He said Britain needs to ensure the UK stays open for business, explaining why his country will introduce time-limited transitional arrangements and grant EU citizens coming after March 29 temporary leave.

Source: VOV5