UN adopts new resolution to thwart terrorists’ access to weapons

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday aimed at preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons, particularly small arms and light weapons, the destabilizing accumulation and misuse of which poses threats to international peace and security and causes significant loss of life.

The Council strongly condemned the continued flow of weapons, military equipment, unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) and their components, and improvised explosive device (IED) components to and between the Islamic State, Al-Qaida, their affiliates and associated groups, illegal armed groups, and criminals.

The Resolution calls on UN members to prevent and disrupt procurement networks for weapons systems and components between and among such groups and entities. They were urged to strengthen their judicial, law enforcement, and border-control capacities, and develop their capabilities to investigate arms-trafficking networks in order to address the link between transnational organized crime and terrorism.

Source: VOV5