UN Chief calls for bold changes to UN system

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday that UN system must undergo bold changes to help countries achieve a sustainable development agenda by 2030.

While presenting his first report on the repositioning of the UN development system to the Economic and Social Council, Guterres said the 2030 Agenda is the boldest agenda for humanity, and requires equally bold changes in the UN development system. He stressed that just like the 2030 Agenda is an integrated platform intended to address people's needs, the UN system "must also be far more integrated in its work to respond more effectively." The UN chief underlined key areas for reform which include: ensuring that the UN fully transitions from MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) to the 2030 Agenda; increasing the focus on financing for development so countries can unlock doors to financing, expertise, know-how and technologies; and creating a new generation of Country Teams that are more cohesive, flexible and can respond to the specific needs of each country. Guterres' initial report will be followed by a second one with further recommendations as well as more detailed actions for reform which will be released in December.

Source: VOV5