UN proposes 40.5 million USD as funding for Haiti cholera

- The United Nations is proposing that 40.5 million USD from the unspent budget of their mission in Haiti be poured into a special fund to help its cholera victims.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made the proposal to the UN General Assembly to address a major shortfall of the 400 million USD needed to help Haiti recover from the epidemic. Only seven countries have so far contributed to the fund - Chile, France, India, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the UK- for a total of 2.67 million USD. Canada and Japan have separately granted 8.5 million USD to help Haiti.

Guterres intends to appoint a high-level envoy to develop a fundraising strategy that would draw contributions from countries but also from other sources. The General Assembly will discuss proposals to raise funds for Haiti next month.

Source: VOV5