UN warns of ‘catastrophic’ situation in Gaza amid Israeli siege

The United Nations warns that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic due to a decade-long economic siege imposed by Israel on the densely-populated Palestinian coastal enclave.

The situation in Gaza is becoming less and less livable, Isabelle Durant, the deputy head of the United Nations development agency (UNCTAD) said on Wednesday.The report said that the widespread Israeli restrictions on the movement of people and goods, confiscation of land and natural resources, and the accelerating expansion of settlements were also damaging.The UN agency further said that a sharp drop in international support to the Palestinians, a freeze in the reconstruction of Gaza and unsustainable credit-financed public and private consumption, paint a bleak picture for future growth.International development assistance to the Palestinians shrunk by more than 10 percent compared to a year earlier.

Last month, the Trump administration decided to cancel all US funding to UNRWA, which had previously stood at around $350 million a year.

Washington also scrapped around $200 million in aid for the West Bank and Gaza, and over the weekend said it would cut a further $25 million in direct aid to six hospitals that primarily serve Palestinians in Jerusalem al-Quds.

Source: VOV5