UN warns of larger risk of Israeli-Palestinian war

A UN Middle-East envoy warned Wednesday that the prospect of peace between Israel and the Palestinians is fading by the day as violence and radicalism grow and the risk of war continues to loom large.

Nikolay Mladenov told the UN Security Council that a negotiated two-state solution is drifting further away. He said what is needed, first and foremost, is the necessary leadership and political will for change.

Until that will can be found, Palestinians and Israelis will continue to slide into increasingly hazardous territory, Mladenov said. He said Hamas' continuing control of Gaza, the severe restrictions on movement imposed by Israel, and the Palestinian Authority's restrictive measures are pushing the situation to a breaking point.

He stressed that leaders and the international community must be committed to support Israelis and Palestinians in reaching a peace agreement based on UN resolutions and bilateral agreements.

Source: VOV5