UN’s latest agenda for upcoming Syrian talks

The latest round of negotiation on Syria sponsored by the United Nations took place on Friday in Geneva.

The UN envoy for Syria Stafffan de Mistura said the concerning parties now have a clear agenda to pursue a political solution to the 6-year conflict in Syria. Speaking with the media, Mistura said this entails addressing what he called the "four baskets", which relate to key elements laid out in Security Council resolution 2254, namely the formation of a credible and inclusive governance, UN-supervised elections and the drafting of a new constitution.The inclusion of a fourth and final "basket", related to counter-terrorism issues, can be seen as a win for the Syrian government delegation, which has sought to make this controversial topic a priority in past rounds. Mistura said the negotiations in Astana held by Russia, Turkey, and Iran, will support the next rounds and help to maintain the ceasefire and build immediate trust. The next talks in Geneva will discuss anti-terrorism strategies, but detailed steps will be discussed in Astana.

Source: VOV5