US foreign policy sits alongside a strong army: Tillerson

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has laid out the Trump administration's foreign policy which affirms that it should sit alongside a strong military and will bring important alliances back into balance.

Addressing Wednesday's meeting with the State Department's staff, Tillerson insisted on an "America First" stance which puts Americans' interests at home ahead of those of its partners overseas. But he said it doesn't mean damage to other countries.

Tillerson said US foreign policy priorities had gotten "a little bit out of balance" in previous decades, with the country too focused on promoting economic activity and trade with emerging economies.

He said new foreign policy will strengthen cooperation with South Korea, Japan, Russia, and China with an aim towards de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The US will increase efforts with China to pressure North Korea and other countries to strictly abide by UN resolutions on imposing sanctions against Pyongyang.

Tillerson said Washington wants to cooperate with China in the principle of mutual respect of the US's security interests in the Asia-Pacific.

The new Secretary of State admitted that US-Russia relations were at their lowest point since the Cold War and underscored the importance of changing it for the better.

Source: VOV5