US judge halts deportation of Iraqi nationals

US federal judge in Michigan Mark Goldsmith has halted the deportation of more than 1,400 Iraqi nationals from the United States, the latest legal victory for those facing deportation in a closely watched case.

Monday's decision means that no Iraqi nationals can be deported from the States in the next several months. Goldsmith said the injunction provides detainees time to challenge their removal in federal courts. He said many of them faced a feverish search for legal assistance after their deportation orders were unexpectedly resurrected by the US government after several years. It was not immediately known whether the US government would appeal.

Goldsmith granted a preliminary injunction after the American Civil Liberties Union sued on June 15 to halt the deportations, arguing that Iraqis could face persecution, torture, or even death. About 200 Iraqi nationals were detained in June as part of a nationwide sweep by immigration authorities.

Source: VOV5