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US lists Chinese goods to be spared new tariffs | Vietnam News Gazette

US lists Chinese goods to be spared new tariffs

The Trump administration is sparing some Chinese-made household furniture, baby items and internet modems and routers from its next round of 10 percent tariffs, it said on Friday.

The new list of 44 categories of spared imports, worth about 7.8 billion USD according to US Census Bureau data, also includes some chemical compounds used in the manufacture of plastics.

Modems and routers made in China were part of a 200-billion-USD list of products hit with tariffs last September that have since been raised to 25 percent.

The 114-billion-USD retail furniture industry has been among the sectors hardest hit with price increases due to Trump's tariffs, which rose to 25 percent in May.

The US Labor Department said on Tuesday that the price index for household furnishings rose 0.4 percent in July, marking its third consecutive monthly increase and contributing to broad-based growth in consumer prices during July.

Source: VOV5