US not ‘starry-eyed’ about North Korea nuclear deal

A top aide to US President Donald Trump said Sunday that there's nobody in his administration starry-eyed about the prospects of North Korea actually denuclearizing.

National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the point may well come when the US concludes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not serious about his promises to denuclearize. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Mr. Bolton said Trump had gone out of his way to make it easy for Kim to comply with promises made when the two leaders met on June 12 in Singapore.

When questioned about how long the US was prepared to wait � amid reports of North Korean plutonium production, missile works and sanctions violations � Mr. Bolton said that depended on a clear display of North Korean intent. He added if North Korea made a strategic decision to relinquish their nuclear weapons, they could achieve it within a year, and that the US is waiting for evidence to support the fact that they have made this strategic decision.

Source: VOV5