US to provide 3.9 million USD for Vietnam’s COVID-19 response

The US’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has pledged an initial funding of 3.9 million USD for COVID-19 response activities in Vietnam.

The money has been being used for testing, field investigations, surveillance, data analysis, and bacterial contamination control.

The grant is part of a 300 million USD budget approved by the US Congress for the US’s CDC worldwide to respond to COVID-19.

Earlier, the US also pledged to provide Vietnam with 9.5 million USD including 4.5 million USD to help the Vietnamese Government prepare lab systems and activate case-finding and event-based surveillance.

It also covers the support for experts in response to COVID-19, community education and engagement, infection prevention for healthcare settings, public health screening at points of entry.

Five million USD of the funds will be used for Economic Support Funds to help Vietnam recover the private sector.


Source: VOV5

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