US$112 billion poured in IPs, EZs

13:34 | 20/03/2015

VGP – The Ministry of Planning and Investment has released the information about the development of economic zones (EZ) and industrial parks (IP) in 2014.

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Accordingly, in 2014, five IPs were set up; seven were expanded and two had investment certificates withdrawn.

At the end of 2014, as many as 295 IPs were established on a total area of 84,000 ha, of which 212 are operating.

EZs and IPs nationwide attracted US$10.7 billion in foreign investment in 2014 and an additional capital of US$4 billion in 515 projects.

A total figure of US$85.5 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was poured into IPs, of which US$49 billion were realized, accounting for 57%.

EZs drew US$37 billion of which US$13.5 billion were disbursed, accounting for 36%.

In total, FDI in IPs and EZs reached US$112 billion to date.

These IPs and EZs gained US$118 billion in revenue in 2014, up 18% against the previous year, and created 2.4 million jobs.

By Thuy Dung