Venezuela rejects suspension from Mercosur

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that no one can remove his country from Mercosur, whose founders are considering a possible suspension of Venezuela.

Maduro called on the peoples of Latin America to mobilize in defense of Mercosur, whose principles and statutes are threatened by right-wing governments that promote a destabilizing agenda against Venezuela. He said that Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are trying to impose an unreasonable sanction on Venezuela by preventing Venezuela from assuming the presidency of the market.

Maduro's statement came one day after Paraguay's Chancellor Eladio Loizaga announced that Venezuela will be suspended after December 1 for failing to ratify and implement Mercosur regulations. Mercosur gave Venezuela 3 months to read and discuss the regulations, which were not ratified because they conflict with Venezuela's own laws.

Source: VOV5