Venezuelan President: Coup cannot preserve peace

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Twitter on Wednesday that a failed coup attempt by opposition leader Juan Guaido, with foreign supports was clearly not the right way to bring peace to Venezuela.

Maduro said violent interference and a coup are not what the Venezuelan people want, and the best way forward is through institutions and mutual respect. At a ceremony marking International Labor Day, Maduro vowed to continue efforts to protect national sovereignty against any hostile conspiracy. He accused US national security adviser John Bolton of direct involvement in the coup and said Venezuelan agencies are working to find the coup's perpetrators and punish them for treason.

The Non-Aligned Movement condemned the attempted coup. Cuban permanent representative at the UN Ana Silvia Rodriguez denounced foreign interference in Venezuela's internal affairs and said countries should respect Venezuela's sovereignty as well as that of other Latin American nations. Syrian representative at the UN Mounzer Mounzer expressed support for President Maduro and said dialogue and respect are the best way to deal with the current crisis. Palestine condemned foreign involvement and called for a peaceful resolution of the situation.

Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Samuel Moncada accused leaders of Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, and the US of contributing to Venezuela's instability.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that US interference in Venezuela's affairs violates international rules. Mr. Lavrov said that only the Venezuelan people can decide their fate and dialogue between Venezuelan factions is needed. Mr. Pompeo asked Russia to dial back its support for President Maduro's administration.

Source: VOV5