Vietnam actively participates in UN forums: Ambassador

The Vietnamese Ambassador to the United Nations Dang Dinh Quy has written about Vietnam's contributions to the United Nations' forums on the occasion of the 30th Diplomatic Conference scheduled to be held in Hanoi next week.

The Ambassador stressed that in implementing the Resolution of the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the country has been actively participating in the UN's cooperation and activities across the fields, winning the approval of international friends. As a result, the country has been elected to many UN agencies with high votes. The ambassador stressed that Vietnam has been consistent in upholding basic principles of international law and the UN Charter in addressing international conflicts and disputes by peaceful means on the basis of respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries without interference into countries' internal affairs. Vietnam has made many contributions to efforts for disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons, especially nuclear weapon and other mass destructive weapons. Those achievements are in line with the external policy of enhancing quality and effectiveness of multilateral external work and proactively contributing to the building and formation of multilateral institutions as set in the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress. Also in implementing the 12th Party Congress's guideline on proactively joining multilateral defense and security mechanisms, the country has pushed forward with sending personnel to participate in the UN's peacekeeping activities.

In development cooperation in the UN framework, Vietnam has worked with the UN to successfully pilot the Delivery as One initiative and build the Green One UN House in Hanoi, helping enhance the operation efficiency and connections of UN agencies in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5