Vietnam agriculture aimed at world’s top 15

The government has issued a resolution on encouraging businesses to invest in effective, safe, and sustainable agriculture.

Under the resolution, by 2030 Vietnam's agriculture will be modernized towards mass production, technological application and innovation to raise productivity, quality, effectiveness, and competitiveness, improving farmers' living standards, and building rural areas.

By 2030 Vietnam's agriculture is set to be included in the 15 countries that have the most developed agriculture in the world, while the processing of agricultural produce will be in the top10 of the world. According to the new resolution, Vietnam will become a global center of agricultural processing and logistics center of global agricultural trade. Businesses are defined as playing a pivotal role in boosting national agriculture.

Vietnam aims to increase agricultural production growth by 3% per year and growth of agro-forestry-seafood exports by 6-8% per year. Vietnam will see from 80,000 to 100,000 enterprises operating effectively in agriculture.

Source: VOV5