Vietnam, Belarus issue joint statement on advancing partnership

Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang and Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko signed a joint statement on developing comprehensively and intensively partnership between the two countries following talks in Minsk on Tuesday.

The joint statement reflects the two countries' similar viewpoints on bilateral relations and international issues as well as affirms their consistent policy of reinforcing and developing traditional friendship. The leaders agreed to enhance collaboration in the production of transport vehicles, agriculture, petrochemicals, light industry, information technology, banking, electronics, mining, aquatic processing, industrial-agricultural produce, and other sectors.

They recognized the effective cooperation between the two countries in defense and security, which contributes to ensuring regional and global stability. Both sides affirmed the similarities in their viewpoints on key regional and global issues, expressing the readiness to cooperate closely within the framework of international organizations, especially the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement, and to work together for the building of fair and equal international political and economic orders. They underscored the importance and necessity of respecting each other's sovereignty, equality and territorial integrity, the principle of not interfering in other countries' internal affairs and not using or threatening to use force, the principles of win-win cooperation for peace, stability and development, and the adherence to standards of international law and the UN Charter. Vietnam and Belarus support the settlement of territorial disputes, including the East Sea disputes, by peaceful means without using or threatening to use force, with the participation of all concerned parties. They welcomed efforts to draft and soon ratify a Code of Conduct (COC) of parties in the East Sea. Both sides shared the view that the official visit to Belarus by President Tran Dai Quang contributes significantly to the solidification of the countries' traditional friendship and comprehensive cooperation and also an important step towards the establishment of a strategic partnership.

Source: VOV5