Vietnam chairs plenary of Conference on Disarmament

Ambassador Duong Chi Dung, head of Vietnam's permanent mission to the United Nations in Geneva, on Tuesday chaired a plenary session of the Conference on Disarmament at the UN headquarters.

This was the first plenary during Vietnam's term as President of the Conference on Disarmament from June 24-28 and from July 29 to August 18.

Ambassador Dung stressed the importance of cooperation in the framework of multi-lateral frameworks to address increasingly complicated challenges to international peace and security. He underlined Vietnam's commitment to making continued contributions to peace and security. The Ambassador shared Vietnam's priorities and tasks: holding simultaneous consultations with member countries, Presidents, coordinators, and secretariats, to gain an understanding of everyone's concerns. The ambassador said he hopes all members will show a willingness to cooperate and contribute to the conference.

Other countries affirmed their support for Vietnam's initiatives and efforts within the Conference on Disarmament framework, applauded Vietnam's initiative to invite the ASEAN Secretary General to address the plenary, and praised the contributions of regional organizations, including ASEAN, to disarmament, peace and international security. On behalf of the EU, Romania voiced support for ASEAN's central role in maintaining peace and security in the region, preventing conflicts, and actively seeking a solution to the North Korea issue. Australia hailed the connection between regional initiatives and global multilateral institutions in disarmament, affirming that the Conference on Disarmament can learn from ASEAN's experience in reaching agreements and overcome differences.

Source: VOV5