Vietnam, China seek stronger defence ties

Senior military officers of Vietnam and China have acknowledged a need for stronger defence ties to boost friendship between 2 countries.

Senior Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong, Chairman of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People's Army visited China this week.

At a meeting on Wednesday, Zhang Youxia, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, said defence ties are important, and he wants the two sides to foster connections in this field through building cooperation mechanisms, maintaining regular meetings, reviewing and making cooperation plans, and working together to defeat hostile forces' plots to drive a wedge between them.

At the talks on Tuesday with Miao Hua, head of the Political Work Department, the two sides agreed that in the context of global and regional complexity, the two armies need to enhance cooperation and friendship exchanges, thereby deepening friendship and solidity between Vietnam and China. They also agreed on the need to resolve disagreements by peaceful means on the basis of the agreements reached between their leaders, adding that the armies are taking the lead in implementing those deals.

Source: VOV5