Vietnam condemns violence or abuse targeting civilians

Vietnam strongly condemns all acts of violence or abuse committed against civilians, Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga, Head of Vietnam's Permanent Mission to the UN, said at a UN Security Council Open Debate on Tuesday.

Vietnam also opposes use of lethal weapons to strike civilian facilities, including schools, hospitals, residences, and public areas, Ms. Nga said, adding that every country has a responsibility to protect its civilians and to deal with violence against civilians within its jurisdiction. She called on parties involved to strictly comply with human rights, humanitarian laws, and relevant Security Council resolutions, including Resolutions 1894 and 2286, and to fully respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence of other nations.

The Ambassador expressed concern about recent escalating violence in Gaza. She called on all parties to show restraint, settle conflicts peacefully, and work out a comprehensive, equitable, and sustainable solution that saves Palestinian lives, restore regional peace and stability, and ensures the legitimate interests of all parties concerned.

Source: VOV5