Vietnam, Czech Republic promote environmental protection cooperation

The Czech Republic's Ministry of Environment and Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment have signed an action plan to enforce their cooperative MoU. Their signing was part of the Czech-Vietnamese Business Forum on Friday in Prague.

Vietnam's Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha said he hopes the Czech Republic, as Vietnam's traditional partner in the past seven decades, will share its experience in managing the environment and fine-tuning the legal framework on environmental pollution treatment and renewable energy development.

Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, told a VOV reporter in Prague: Three daces ago, the Czech Republic dealt with similar problems of development that Vietnam is suffering today. They include environmental pollution, waste treatment, renewable energy, and environmentally friendly technology. So we are willing to share our experience, transfer technology, and support Vietnam to fine-tune environment laws and policies.

Source: VOV5