Vietnam determined to achieve growth target of 6.7%

National Assembly deputies on Friday discussed the outcomes of the implementation of the socio-economic development plan and state budget for 2016 and the first months of this year.

Lawmakers said that given the current economic restructuring, growth model renovation, world market, and changes in other countries' policies, determination and more resources will be needed to achieve the GDP growth target of 6.7% and keep inflation below 4%.

Legislator Nguyen Tuan Anh of Binh Phuoc province said agriculture the main pillar of the economy, is weakening due to climate change, and high production and input costs.

Many deputies showed keen interest in developing industries, particularly manufacturing. In recent years the growth of industries slowed an average of 14.3% a year in almost all sectors.

Deputy Phung Duc Tien representing Ha Nam province said: We should make a serious assessment of the decline of mechanical manufacturing and other industries to find appropriate ways to boost their growth. We need to boost manufacturing capacity, apply advanced technologies, and improve personnel, technology infrastructure, and the business environment to attract more FDI enterprises who will invest in transfer of technology, design, and manufacturing in Vietnam instead of just using Vietnam's low cost labor for assembly or processing.

Source: VOV5