Vietnam eyes 9 billion USD in forest product exports

Vietnam aims to earn more than 9 billion USD from forest product exports this year, heard a Monday conference in Hanoi hosted by the Vietnam Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

"Once we carry out solutions all together, from material sources to technologies and markets, 9 billion USD is within reach. We're still facing many difficulties as businesses have neither been able to identify safe sources of imported materials nor been clearly informed of the regulations in countries they are exporting products to. The Vietnam Forestry Administration pledges to accompany all businesses in addressing such challenges," said Nguyen Quoc Tri, head of the Vietnam Forestry Administration.

Vietnam has exported wooden products to more than 100 countries and territories, including major markets like the US, the EU, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China. Forest product exports account for one fifth of the agricultural sector's export turnover.

Source: VOV5