Vietnam Fatherland Front opens 9th National Congress

The 9th National Congress of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) opened in Hanoi on Thursday with the theme Solidarity-Democracy-Innovation-Development. The opening was attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, revolutionary veterans, representatives of international organizations and the diplomatic corps, and nearly 1,000 delegates representing people from all walks of life, armed forces, religions, ethnic minority groups, and overseas Vietnamese. Party leader and President Nguyen Phu Trong sent congratulatory flowers to the meeting.

In his address, VFF President Tran Thanh Man said the Congress will comprehensively evaluate the current great national unity and the outcomes of the previous congress resolution, draw practical lessons, and create action plans for the new tenure to meet national renewal, construction, and development goals. The Congress will approve revised regulations and consult on the election of the VFF central committee for the next 5-year term.

Prime Minister Phuc discussed the idea of great national unity of President Ho Chi Minh, founder of the Vietnam National United Front, the VFF's forerunner.

Great national unity is the primary goal and duty of the Party and the nation. The idea has been embraced and developed by the Front, creating the drive and strength to achieve victory in resistance wars for national independence and success in renewal, construction, and defense.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said: With its achievements over the years, the VFF has proven its worth as a political alliance, a voluntary coalition, a political organization of public administration, and a protector of the people's legitimate rights. It is a core organization of the Vietnamese political system.

In the new context with its new difficulties and challenges to stability and public trust, Mr. Phuc called on the VFF to build great national unity.

The Front should be good at communicating, teaching patriotism, gathering people from all walks of life, ensuring consensus on ideology and action, and implementing Party and State policies and laws. It should consolidate the alliance of workers, farmers, and intellectuals - foundation of the great national unity. The VFF must ensure democracy, equality, and respect for differences that don't subvert national interests. It's important that the VFF will be a true center of solidarity, mobilizing all social forces to contribute to national construction and defense, said Prime Minister Phuc.

He asked the Front to coordinate with authorities at all levels and member organizations to deploy emulation movements, handle pressing social issues at the grassroots level, and protect people's legitimate rights and interests. He underscored the need for the VFF to chair consultation meetings and coordinate with member organizations to carry out social oversight and criticism.

The same day the Congress held discussions on ways to promote great national unity, exercise democracy, and protect people's legitimate rights.

Source: VOV5