Vietnam has second fastest 4G download speed in Southeast Asia

Vietnam ranks 41st among 100 economies in terms of 4G download speed of mobile data and second behind Singapore in Southeast Asia.

A report released this week by OpenSignal, a British company which measures mobile user experience globally, says Vietnam’s 4G average download speed clocked at 20.6 Mbps, faster than the rest of Southeast Asian countries.

Singapore has the fastest download speed of mobile data in Southeast Asia and sixth globally at 47.5 Mbps.

In Southeast Asia, Laos ranked 52nd (17.1 Mbps), Brunei 55th (16.4 Mbps), Myanmar 56th (16.4 Mbps); Malaysia 73rd (11 Mbps); Indonesia 80th (9.9 Mbps); Thailand at 81st (9.2 Mbps); the Philippines 83rd (8.5 Mbps) and Cambodia at 87th (8 Mbps).

Canada’s 4G download speed is the fastest in the world at 59.6 Mbps, followed by South Korea and the Netherlands.

The report was compiled using tests and results gathered from 43.3 million mobile devices around the world, with over 87 million measurements between January 1 and March this year.



Source: VOV5



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