Vietnam is one of three biggest rice exporters in the world: PM

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired an online conference Wednesday to review 10 years of implementing Vietnam’s national food security project until 2020.

Mr. Phuc said that for the past 10 years Vietnam’s food production has been strong. Vietnam is one of the three biggest rice exporters in the world, exporting close to 7 million tons a year. Modern technology has made Vietnamese rice the most delicious in the world and steadily improved farmers’ lives.

The Prime Minister said food security is an important task now and in the long run. Ensuring food security is essential to the government’s double target this year of defending Vietnam against the Covid-19 epidemic and achieving its socio-economic goals despite the challenges posed by climate change.

He underlined future tasks: “Contributing to world food security is necessary, but first of all 100 million Vietnamese must have sufficient food. Food storage is important. Food security is essential for any country, particularly in the context of political instability, climate change, and non-traditional security challenges like disease. It’s the responsibility of our Party and State to ensure food security.”

Prime Minister Phuc stressed the goal of meeting the demand for nutrition of 104 million Vietnamese by 2030, restructuring agriculture, and achieving an export growth 10% per year with export of agricultural produce reaching 100 billion USD by 2030.

Source: VOV5