Vietnam joins int’l efforts to block financing terrorists

Vietnam has committed to joining international efforts to block the financing of terrorists, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Head of Vietnam's Permanent Mission to the UN, told the UN Security Council on Thursday.

Mr. Quy spoke of bloody terror attacks which recently have been paid for with ever more complex forms of financing, and underlined the importance of countering this financing as laid out in Council resolutions. He said newly adopted rules for blocking terrorism financing are a timely response to current challenges. He called on countries to enhance coordination and information sharing and stressed the role of the banking sector in identifying suspicious transactions, and reporting possible terrorist financing. He described Vietnam's experience in completing a legal framework in line with the Council resolutions. Ambassador Quy noted that Vietnam has become a member of several bilateral and multilateral treaties on terrorism prevention and is strongly committed to carrying out the recommendations of the Security Council's Financial Action Task Force and ASEAN's initiative on anti-terrorism and extreme violence.

Source: VOV5