Vietnam Musicians Association’s Awards 2016

The Vietnam Musicians Association awarded 70 most excellent works of 2016 at a ceremony in the Voice of Vietnam's Theatre, Hanoi, on Saturday night.

A prize winners include musical "La Do" (Red leaves) by Do Hong Quan, "Cuop vo mua yeu" (Stealing wife in love season) by Manh Cuong, "Mien Tay ngay nang len" (Western region on a sunny day) by Quang Thanh Giang, "Chim cong ke chuyen" (Peacock tells a story) by Trinh Tuan Khanh, and "English songs for 3rd graders" by Le Anh Tuan.

Vice Chairman of the Artistic Council Duc Trinh said: "The sound recording and music quality is much better than last year. Many musicians have invested in high quality studios and having good singers singing their songs."

Source: VOV5