Vietnam Prioritizes Strengthening Defence and Diplomatic Relations with Cambodia

Hanoi - Vietnam's commitment to enhancing its relationship with Cambodia, a key priority in its foreign policy, was reaffirmed by President Vo Van Thuong during a meeting with Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence Gen. Tea Seiha in Hanoi on November 13. This meeting underscores the ongoing efforts to deepen ties between the two neighboring countries.

According to Vietnam News Agency, President Thuong, acknowledging the fruitful outcomes of the recent talks between the defence ministers of both countries, stated that the Vietnamese Party and State are keen to encourage, support, and create favorable conditions for cooperation between the two armies and defence ministries. He emphasized the need for this cooperation to be more practical and effective.

The President expressed hope that the defence ministries of both nations would enhance information sharing and exchange views on global and regional issues. He also urged the continuation of joint efforts to implement existing agreements and highlighted the importance of focusing on officer training, especially for the younger generation. One of the key areas of cooperation identified was the effective management of the shared border, aiming to create a peaceful, friendly, cooperative, and development-oriented borderline. President Thuong also called for accelerated negotiations on demarcation and planting of border markers along the remaining sections of the border.

He further encouraged the two defence ministries to increase military exchanges at various levels, including local, regional, and division levels. Such exchanges are expected to facilitate the sharing of experience in training and building the armed forces of each country.

President Thuong also stressed the significance of maintaining all-level exchanges, viewing it as an essential foundation for enhancing cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Gen. Tea Seiha, in his remarks, shared the outcomes of his talks with Vietnamese Minister of National Defence General Phan Van Giang. He noted that the discussions focused on ways to bolster bilateral defence ties. Gen. Tea Seiha recognized the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence as a vital partner of the Cambodian Ministry of National Defence. He took the opportunity to express gratitude to the Vietnamese Party, State, army, and people for their support and assistance to Cambodia.

Gen. Tea Seiha also mentioned that with many new members in the current Cambodian Government, there is a collective effort to inherit and build upon the achievements of previous generations. This effort aims to continue nurturing the traditional friendship, comradeship, and fraternity between Vietnam and Cambodia.

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