Vietnam ranks 2nd in GI protection in Southeast Asia

Geographical indication (GI) registration contributes to the increasing value of farm produce, helping farmers to gain more profit.

Up to July 2018, Vietnam's National Office of Intellectual Property has recognized 62 geographical indications inside Vietnam and 6 geographical indications abroad. 37 cities and provinces have had their geographical indications protected as a result.

"Vietnam ranks 2nd in Southeast Asia in terms of geographical indication registration, just after Thailand. However, our GI registration abroad is still limited, and this step is very important in order to protect our markets overseas. It's necessary to provide timely instructions and support for localities with special farm produce, in registering GI for their products both at home and abroad, said Ta Quang Minh, Head of Vietnam's Intellectual Property Research Institute under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Vietnam boasts nearly 1,000 special farm products nationwide.

Source: VOV5