Vietnam rolls out its first environmentally friendly electric motorbikes

The first made-in-Vietnam high-tech electric motorbike was introduced in Hanoi on Sunday by the Phu Sy (Fuji) International Trade Joint Stock Company and Powercentric Company Limited.

The Xyndi uses the Mopo Smart Lithium battery technology which is currently popular worldwide. The Mopo is a very light battery which operates without emissions or noise, and helps protect the environment. Mr. Pham Tuan Anh, Phu Sy's General Director, said: Most electric motorbikes use lead batteries that weigh up to 35kg but our battery is only 6kg. The amount of lead and acid battery discharges into the environment is quite large and very toxic. But our Lithium battery does not use heavy metals or acid, so it is an environmentally friendly product.

Source: VOV5