Vietnam tightens entry of foreign experts, guest workers to prevent COVID-19 infection

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control on Thursday asked the Ministry of Health to draft instructions concerning visa grating, quarantine, and post-quarantine health observation and tighten the management of entry of experts, guest workers, diplomatic and official passport holders, drivers, sailors, and crew-members.

According to the Committee, the epidemic remains complicated and the above-mentioned groups who are at risk of COVID-19 infection are entering Vietnam. Mr. Dam asked relevant Ministries, sectors, and agencies to strengthen the COVID-19 risk management to prevent overseas infection from entering Vietnam. He suggested companies replace foreign workers with Vietnamese for the time being. Mr. Dam said: “The Ministry of Health is assigned to draft regulations on granting visa and quarantine of foreigners entering Vietnam and Vietnamese guest workers. We need to have procedures for quarantine of crew-members and drivers. We need to divide quarantine centers into two types: the quarantine areas managed by the army need to stay vigilant because the rate of COVID-19 infection of immigrants is high. But I’m worried about civil quarantine areas like hotels.”


Source: VOV5

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