Vietnam to deal strictly with abuse of religion

Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung said the Party and State respect and guarantee citizens' right to religious freedom, but the abuse of religion to violate the law must be strictly punished.

At the monthly government press conference in Hanoi on Thursday, responding to a question about missionary work by the World Mission Society Church of God, Mr. Dung said: Vietnam always facilitates legal religious organizations' operations. Religious facilities, and activities are protected by laws that guarantee citizens' right to religious freedom. But Vietnam also deals strictly with activities that violate the law and go against public morality in the name of religion. It's necessary to warn students and other young people to beware of illegal acts disguised as religion.

Mr. Dung said the Prime Minister has ordered relevant agencies and local administrations to investigate the World Mission Society Church of God's activities and ensure that they follow the law.

Source: VOV5