Vietnam treasures values of peace, stability: Deputy PM Minh

The 25th annual conference on the Future of Asia hosted by the Nikkei Inc opened in Tokyo on Thursday drawing leaders of several Asian countries and major economic groups around the world.

In his speech, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh pointed out three standards for a new sustainable and effective world order which include strengthening inclusive multi-lateralism, enhancing trust and cooperation, and building a global governance system capable of addressing major challenges of the 21st century while upholding international law with the UN being the central role and ensuring the principle of fairness and equality.

Mr. Minh said Vietnam upholds the compliance of international law, and prevention and peaceful solutions to disputes, supports multi-lateralism, promotes peace and stability for the sake of interests and prosperity of countries in the region and around the world. Vietnam pursues a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, cooperation and development, multi-lateralization and diversification of relations, strengthens economic integration and economic reforms, improves the business environment, focus on education and human resource development.

High on the agenda of the conference under the theme of Seeking a new global order � Overcoming the chaos is the US-China trade war and its impact on Asia.

Source: VOV5