Vietnamese education reforms specified by revised Education Law

On Thursday, National Assembly deputies discussed the revised Law on Education, which codifies Party's guidelines for the fundamental and comprehensive reform of education and training in Vietnam and concretize the 2013 Constitution.

Deputy Tran Van Nam of Binh Duong province emphasized the need to define a philosophy for Vietnam's education system based on 4 pillars: people, goals, content, and methods. He said: New policies will be built around these 4 pillars to adapt Vietnam's education system to the new context. Because the output of education is people, who will decide the nation's future, we need to change outdated thinking and habits. We should study human development around the world and teach our youngsters accordingly. We're determined to reform Vietnam's education to meet the requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The legislators said the primary goal of the revised Law on Education is to make available to everyone. Deputy Van Thi Bach Tuyet of Ho Chi Minh city said: Socialization of education in Vietnam takes place mostly in urban areas. We should encourage investment in private schools in remote areas to ease the state budget burden.

Source: VOV5