Vietnamese in France go to pagodas during Tet

Visiting pagodas during Tet (traditional Lunar New Year festival), an age-old custom of the Vietnamese people, is now being practiced by Vietnamese expats living in France.

Members of the Vietnamese Embassy and representative offices in France burned incense to pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and visited pagodas to pray for a great new year. Venerable Thich Tinh Quang of Khuong Viet pagoda wished them peace, health, and happiness.

At the Truc Lam zen monastery, they joined other Vietnamese expats in a ritual, asking for peace and luck. There Venerable Thich Phuoc Duong offered new year greetings to Buddhist followers at home and abroad: "I'd like to extend my best new year wishes to all Vietnamese Buddhist followers. May all of you be blessed with good health, peace, and success".

Khuong Viet pagoda and the Truc Lam zen are favorite destinations of Vietnamese people in France during Tet.

Source: VOV5