Vietnamese, Lao Fronts Bolster Ties with Fruitful Cooperation

Hanoi – witnessed a significant meeting on November 14 where Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee, warmly received a delegation from the Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) Central Committee. This delegation was headed by LFNC Vice President Inlavanh Keobounphanh.

According to Vietnam News Agency, who are members of their respective country's Party Central Committees, shared updates on the socio-economic development in Vietnam and Laos in the first nine months of 2023. They highlighted the positive cooperation results between the VFF and LFNC central committees. The meeting underscored that the strengthening ties between the two organizations are in parallel with the growing relations between the Vietnamese and Lao Parties and States.

The two sides acknowledged the extensive range of activities conducted jointly, including regular meetings and mutual visits across various levels. This collaboration has been described as increasingly substantial and fruitful, significantly enhancing people-to-people diplomacy. Such efforts have reportedly strengthened mutual understanding and connections between the peoples of Vietnam and Laos, thereby laying a solid foundation for further strengthening bilateral relations.

Keobounphanh expressed gratitude for the comprehensive support from the Vietnamese counterpart, particularly in facilitating delegation exchanges. She highlighted ongoing efforts to implement the signed memoranda of understanding and coordination with the Vietnam Farmers' Union Central Committee. This collaboration aims to share experiences crucial for establishing a farmers' union in Laos, thereby aiding the populace in contributing more effectively to national economic development.

Further, Keobounphanh called for continued cooperation from the VFF Central Committee to ensure the successful organization of a conference involving the presidents of the LFNC, the VFF, and the Solidarity Front for the Development of Cambodian Motherland in 2024. She also emphasized the need for ongoing support in personnel training and mass mobilization expertise.

In response, Ha suggested maintaining close coordination to effectively implement the cooperation agreement between the VFF and the LFNC for 2022-2027. She proposed increasing delegation exchanges, especially focusing on personnel training and experience sharing, to further solidify this bilateral cooperation.

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