Vietnam’s 2018 per capita GDP to rise 121%

Lawmakers on Friday debated the realization of socio-economic development plans for this year and the 2016-2020 period, as well as plan for next year.

According to the government report, 4 of the 12 set targets will be reached and the remainder will be exceeded. GDP for the year is expected to surpass the projected target of 6.7%. Per-capita GDP will likely reach 2,540 USD by the end of this year, 121% higher than in 2015.

Tran Chi Quang, deputy for Dong Thap province, said: Recent socio-economic achievements have created strong public confidence. But I think challenges remain in regards to growth quality and the economy's dependence on capital, natural resources, and labor. Industry still relies on outsourcing, while agriculture hasn't fully tapped its potential. I propose continuing to remove bottlenecks in institutions, resources, and infrastructure while restructuring agriculture.

Lai Xuan Mon, deputy for Cao Bang province, said: The National Assembly and the government need to further decentralize, especially in investment and development, and keep a close eye on trade wars to minimize their impact on Vietnam's economic growth. We need to focus on planning and developing key economic regions and connecting transportation systems between regions to create economic breakthroughs.

Source: VOV5