Vietnam’s National Assembly Chairman Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Vietnam Academy of Finance

Hanoi - Vuong Dinh Hue, Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam, attended the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam Academy of Finance on November 19, where he awarded the institution the Labour Order, first class.

According to Vietnam News Agency, during the ceremony, Hue praised the academy's lecturers, students, and staff for their contributions to national construction and defense. He urged the academy to align with the Party and State policies, innovate thinking, adapt to contemporary requirements, and incorporate digital technology.

The academy is encouraged to develop new training programs to meet the socio-economic development needs of the country and to become a leading institution in implementing university autonomy, especially in financial matters.

On this occasion, the academy announced the establishment of the Tam-Tai-Chinh Education Development Fund to support underprivileged yet talented students and startups. Chairman Hue contributed 60 computers and teaching equipment to the academy and donated 100 million VND to the fund.

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