Vietnam’s prestige enhanced in international arena: Russian experts

Academics at Russia’s Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU) commented on Vietnam’s 13th National Party Congress which closed on Monday.

Associate Professor, Doctor of Politics Artyom Lukin, Deputy Director for Research at the University’s Institute of Oriental Studies, said coverage of the Congress by foreign media over the past few months shows how Vietnam’s role has grown in Southeast Asia and global politics.

Master of Politics Ivan Pisarev noted that Vietnam has been one of very few countries in the world to maintain positive economic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor Alexander Sokolovsky, who is Chairman of the Russian-Vietnamese Friendship Association in the Primorsky province, said the Communist Party of Vietnam is a party of the people and  for the people, which always listens to people’s opinions and aspirations. Maintaining economic growth during the pandemic is solid evidence of Vietnam’s stability, he said.



Source: VOV5

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