Vietnam’s securities market celebrates 20th anniversary

– Over the past 20 years the Vietnamese securities market has experienced several ups and downs but its achievements so far are remarkable, the State Securities Committee said at a meeting with reporters on Saturday. 

In July, 20 years ago, the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange officially opened its first transaction. By June 2020, the capitalization of the Vietnamese securities market totaled 86% of the GDP becoming a major channel for capital mobilization of enterprises and the economy. Tran Van Dung, Chairman of the Vietnam State Securities Committee said: “Thanks to the securities market, the economy and enterprises can mobilize more resources. When the market was first launched, no one thought that we could have a billion-dollars business but 10 years ago, we had the first one and now we have 20. The key to their success is capital mobilization. Thanks to the securities market, the government has been able to mobilize more investment. The development of the securities market created a boost for the private sector.”


Source: VOV5

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