Vietnam’s social network Lotus launched

The pilot version of 'Lotus' social network was officially launched yesterday. VCCorp said the project has been developed by over 200 technical engineers at the firm, who are working in various fields of mobile applications, artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data.

Designed by a group of user-experience experts, Lotus is a social network that goes in a different direction with the content as its focus, thus creating an effective platform to support content creators and individuals to create better content for users.

Nguyen The Tan, VCCorp's general director said the project has mobilised more than VNA�700 billion from VCCorp and some other local investors. It is expected that it would mobilise an additional VNA�500 billion for the social network's long-term development. Lotus is a social network centred around content developed and owned by Vietnamese people. It has been developed over the past year.

Source: VOV5