Vietnam’s Sustainable Development Statistical Indicators announced

The General Statistics Office (GSO) on Tuesday announced the Set of Sustainable Development Statistical Indicators of Vietnam, another step toward its goal of leaving no one behind.

The indicators aim to provide "authentic and empirical evidence" with suitable, reliable, consistent, internationally comparable and easily accessible data for the monitoring and assessing of the implementation of the country' goals and targets adopted in 2017.

The 17 goals and 115 targets deal with child welfare, population and development, labor, gender, the environment, and people with disabilities. Mr. Nguyen Bich Lam, GSO Director General said as leaving no one behind is the ultimate end of the Sustainable Development Goals, this is a strong reminder that all efforts should be made to address social inequity.

The indicators cover all socio-economic issues including poverty reduction and equality. We are resolved to leave no one behind, particuarly the poor and the vulnerable," Lam said.

Duong Thi Van, Chairwoman of the Hanoi municipal Association for the Disabled praised the inclusion of people with disabilities in the statistical indicators: This is the first time the vulnerable have been included in national indicators. This will enable us to integrate better into the community."

Source: VOV5