Vietnam’s water puppetry performance in Czech

The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is taking a theatrical journey to appear for the first-time ever at Materia Prima (February 18-25) in Cracow, Poland.

For the fourth time, the Groteska Theatre will host an extraordinary event that brings the best spectacles from all corners of the globe including Vietnam, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the US.

The show presents fascinating and surprising performances in which theatre is intertwined with new circus and dance, and dance is juxtaposed with multimedia and forms of puppet, mask and shadow theatre.

At this year's show, the Thang Long Puppetry Theatre brings Traditional Water Puppets to Poland for the first time. The distinctive Vietnamese folk theatre form, dating back a millennium, is unusual in that the stage for the colourful puppets animated by unseen actors is water - pond, river, swimming pool.

Source: VOV5