VinFast launches limited edition Lux SUV in Switzerland

The VinFast Lux V8, the limited edition of VinFast's Lux SUV line, is on display at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) in Switzerland.

It is the second car model from Vietnam to make an appearance at a prestigious international motor show, following Lux SA2.0 SUV which was showcased at the Paris Motor Show last October. VinFast's Design Director David Lyon, said the VinFast Lux V8 is a perfect combination of performance and luxury.

The VinFast latest model will be available to the public for a limited time in 2020. The presence of Vietnamese cars at important global automobile events has demonstrated VinFast's commitment to conquer international markets. VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup.

Source: VOV5