Vinh Long: Disabled children to get better access to care, education services

The Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long is carrying out a programme to give children with disabilities better access to community-based protection, care and education services during 2019-2025.

Under the programme, the province will strive to have at least 70 percent of disabled children provided with the services and 70 percent of them with necessary knowledge and skills for social integration during 2019-2020. Support models for disabled children will be piloted in parts of the province.

Meanwhile, in 2020-2025, some 90 percent of the children are hoped to get access to community-based protection, care and education services and 90 percent of them will equipped with social integration skills. In this period, the province will pilot support models in its seven cities, districts and towns.

According to Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Lu Quang Ngoi, the province has worked to raise awareness about helping children with disabilities access community-based services.

Local authorities will improve the capacity and responsibility of staff and service providers while completing a network of community-based protection, care and education services for the children.

Also, they will enhance State management and supervision of the implementation of policies on supporting children with disabilities.

The province is currently home to 1,240 disabled children.

Source: People's Army Newspaper